Black Girl Chronicles 

Growing up, I absolutely hated getting my hair washed and combed. The natural hair resources available to us now, was unheard of back then. So when my mom combed my hair, she was only doing what was passed down to her. A wide toothed comb, brush  and “pink lotion”  were my mother’s staple items. She didn’t know anything about the liquid, oil and cream (LOC) method, or using the green house effect to promote moisture. I am one of 3 girls, so no wonder I got my first relaxer when I was 10. Taking care of natural hair can be very daunting and now that I’m a parent of 2 girls, I utilize all of the information that’s available. This Saturday was wash day for my baby girl, I used some of my favorite products on her hair. 

I honestly don’t know her hair type and I hate defining it. Natural hair is beautiful hair regardless of the curl pattern. For today’s wash day I’m using Creme of Nature, Ultra-Moisturizing shampoo. Just using the shampoo by itself it leaves my daughters hair soft and feeling moisturized. I used about a silver dollar size of shampoo. 

Using a pool noodle has simplified washing her hair. There’s less crying and mess. I don’t have to fight with her about how long I’m taking or worry about water getting in her eyes. Since the shampoo is so moisturizing I only use a leave in conditioner to comb her hair out. I usually use a kids version of Cantu, the consistency is a lot lighter but I ran out so I used my regular Cantu leave in. 

The leave-in made her hair manageable and easy to comb. I avoid using heat on my children’s hair so if I need to stretch it, I use African Threading. Click here to watch a tutorial. 

All of the products I used can be found at your local hair store, Walmart or Sally’s Beauty Supply.  I love natural hair, I love the versatility of styles and textures. It’s important that our natural hair is celebrated and not labeled. Let’s wear our puffs proud. 

Be C.H.I.C



5 thoughts on “Black Girl Chronicles 

    • Please do, it took me a few tries to get the hang of doing the knot at the end of the thread. But you’ll see how stretched your hair is when you unravel it.

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