Wind Down

It’s Wednesday and I’m in bed somewhat early. I’ve had a lot on my mind, so I appreciate the opportunity to slip under my covers and enjoy my NBC lineup. It’s always nice to take a moment  to reset your mind and take some time out to have fun, do a leisure activity or go to bed early. 😊 Tonight is one of those nights I don’t feel like washing my face, so instead I reach for one of my makeup remover wipes.

I purchased these from Family Dollar. They are Modesa brand and I ended up buying 3 packs because the store is closing. So I was able to get them for .85 each. I can’t turn down a good bargain. I purchased chamomile, cucumber and green tea scented. They come 25 in a pack and I use 2 wipes to remove all of my makeup. Tonight I used green tea. The wipes are 100% alcohol free so it doesn’t dry out my skin, it actually leaves it soft and feeling clean. These wipes also come in handy to clean my kids hands and face when I don’t have accesss to soap and water. 

Using the wipes are a great shortcut to clean skin, especially when I’m feeling lazy. 

What are some of your beauty shortcuts, leave your comment below. Until next time….

Be C.H.I.C



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